Individually wrapped slices (IWS)

Green Bay Machinery’s IWS extruders offer several options to meet your production requirements. Our extensive machine improvement and training programs include equipment upgrades, refurbished machinery, and customized operator and maintenance training to all our customers. Green Bay Machinery is proud to be your total solution company!

Our extruders offer the following advantages:

  • Models with production speeds over 1,000 slices per minute
  • Flexible controls options
    • Push-button discreet devise controls
    • Fully automated PLC, HMI or servo controls
  • Polypropylene or polyester film
  • Totally heat-sealed slice production
  • Variable slice weights
  • Simplified design that produces a flatter slice
  • Improved slice stack quality
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Operator friendly and low maintenance
  • Upgrades available for every model
  • Customization­­
  • Field service/training
  • Spare parts