From direct contact with customers to strategic alliances with select partners, GBM exceeds customer expectations of what is possible.

Green Bay Machinery’s field service team offers your company installation and startup assistance, routine maintenance, rebuild and upgrade installations, complex repair and training.

Green Bay Machinery provides spare parts for all extruder lines, casting lines, processing equipment and packaging equipment.

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For over 45 years, Green Bay Machinery (GBM) has been the leading supplier of process cheese machinery for the food service (SOS) and retail (IWS) industries in over 40 countries. Our experience and knowledge have allowed GBM to expand into other industries such as steelbakery equipment and pet food.

Green Bay Machinery partners with customers to develop efficient equipment solutions that best suit their industry applications. Whether solutions are a spare part or a complete equipment line, Green Bay Machinery is committed to providing superior service to our customers.

Green Bay Machinery builds relationships with customers by offering equipment to satisfy entry-level to mature markets. We supply stand-alone steel and food processing equipment, complete production systems, equipment upgrades, used and refurbished food processing machinery, spare parts, and customized operator and maintenance training. Green Bay Machinery is proud to be your total solution company!