Direct steam injection (DSI) cooker

The DSI Cooker is a vertical cooking unit which allows a continuous flow of product to be cooked through the use of steam. The DSI Cooker differs from other cooking units in that it utilizes the steam injection feature used in batch cooking and combines this heating process with the ability to cook a continuous product flow. The DSI Cooker allows a constant flow of product to be cooked while minimizing contact to hot metallic surfaces.

Our Direct Steam Injection (DSI) Cooker Advantages:

  • Multiple industry application
  • Greater latitude in product formula
  • Shortened scheduled shut downs for cleaning and maintenance
  • Heated by direct steam to eliminate hot cooking surfaces thus reducing burn on and specks in finished product
  • Reduced floor space required than conventional scraped surface heat exchanger
  • Cleaned in place (CIP)
  • Adjustable shear for better product flavor and function
  • System pause without loss of product or time consuming restart
  • Field service/training
  • Spare parts